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摘自Susan Miller寫的。 http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/monthly/sagittarius_full.php

  1. In the coming year you will learn to communicate in a new way, through new forms and mediums. If you always hoped to get a job as a contributing editor for a magazine, newspaper, or important Internet site, you may get your wish. If you are already a veteran writer, you may negotiate a big contract with an impressive advance or be asked to host a radio or TV show.  (嘩!我好想。)
  2. If you are an editor (是,我是。), you may work on bigger projects – some quite high profile – and in so doing, enjoy the concepts and ideas that swirl around you. Ideas always energize you, but now more than ever. You may be asked to join a speaker’s bureau and begin to lecture around the country. (嘩嘩嘩!但我唔想做喎。)
  3. On Monday, January 26, a solar eclipse will arrive, and being a new moon, will open you up to enormous opportunities. The areas for gain include writing, journalism, editing, research, computer code writing, documentary work, lecturing, teaching, public relations, publicity, marketing, and sales. The media is your area here, so publishing glitters.  (好似過年喎…)
  4. Romantically, if you are single, your best prospects will come up when traveling a short distance, whether at your destination or on a train or plane. (冇諗住出差!)
  5. Alternatively, with lots of good energy also centering on your home, you may want to give a party there on Thursday, January 22. You will not only have Mars in perfect angle to Uranus (surprises galore), but Venus will conjoin Uranus too (kisses everywhere). It’s a wow of a day. If giving a small get-together on a Thursday is hard to do, and you aren’t going away over January 24, you could give your party at home on January 24 then when Jupiter will be with the Sun, and Venus will signal Mars. That day rates four stars, too. (過年喎,開party?)
  6. If you are single, know that the new moon at the end of March will bring greater opportunities for you than the ones you receive now. Keep smiling – your days are getting better and better. (重點?)

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Photo source: Lawall’s shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6341448



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渴望總是滲著恐懼。很想得到,想得怕要得不到。怕得要死。怕無法留住所渴望的。你要記住什麼是美好。而美好是,你輕輕的靈光閃動,哦,是嗎?也不計較得失後果,微笑,神奇的gorgeous accident發生。





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或者Cynthia Heimel有時的確太過mean,不過,她五年前版的Advanced Sex Tips For Girls,如今陪著我坐船上班,竟能令人非常開心和Positive。她竟然,令我覺得被真正關懷起來。


Many of us wear our men as proudly as Girl Scout badges…My husband…my boyfriend…my sweetie, my beloved, my dude. It reminds me of men comparing their cars, or girlfriends. And it’s enough to make you feel really uneasy when you’re alone. (可能我以前都曾經這樣對待女友,如今我的女友們有時都會不自覺這樣對待我。)


There is no shame in being lonely! We are allowed to want a mate! A mate is a good thing if he or she is not plagued with pesky borderline personality disorder! (怪叫!就是這樣嘛,為什麼我明明知道,但有時又會忘記?)

我很喜歡她說人人都想get laid:

guys have spent too many years wondering if women liked them, if women wanted to sleep with thtm, worring that maybe they would never, ever get to touch it again (好好笑,我想知D男人係咪真係只係worry呢樣野)…once a women find a man she really wants to fuck, she wants to keep him around. (OK, 我承認)…This is the hard part that makes us buy “self-help" books by the stunningly moronic and evil Dr. Laura. (我為此買了Robert Greene的The Art of Seduction…以為可以keep住D男人。不過,很多self-help books其實都很negative。我後來想,Keep him around咁又點,我個ultimate goal係要開心和fun,那些seduce人的技倆一點都不fun。)

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狂聽Pulp的名曲一整天後,我真的到了台北去看Jarvis Cocker。Jarvis Cocker說:It is the first time we meet, or maybe the last time.



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The Art of Seduction這個大裝Paperback版本,內裡排版精緻美麗,用紫色的字體作小題,內文字款是種優雅的有腳字。

The seducer sees the world as his or her bedroom. 序說。


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  • 主題曲LOOP住仍然是《熱島小夜曲》。可以一直聽下去在iPod裡放,直至自己坐在巴士上發笑。並未降溫出於自私。(某個男子在秋涼時節仍然開大冷氣裸睡,並靠女伴取暖。)
  • 另一首是Pulp的Pencil Skirt。我喜歡在Jarvis Cocker像個變態狂一樣唱 I really love it when you tell me to stop的時候狂笑。誰人給Pencil Skirt配了一齣艷情老電影片段放到You Tube上呢?遐想已經夠多了。When you raise your pencil skirt like a veil before my eyes… 成為午餐後乾燥工作間生活的潤手霜。
  • M說,性愛對一段關係十分重要。我說:I rate it the highest in a relationship。沒有比色情狂更好的名詞去標簽像我此等金星生在天蠍座的女子。我一點都不介意。
  • 我的舊老闆三角形先生常說,流行曲就是關於性的,所有流行文化都是關於性的。沒有什麼比性更好更能引人消費了。
  • 還有什麼能令人想入非非的音樂呢?

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以物易物的公平公正,1對1 的等價交換,總是2號人的課題。好細個,已經會哭著向媽媽撒嬌說,不公平!







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Sweetest ecstasy

K小姐說,愛情不過是Some gorgeous accident。我肯定,她說得沒錯。

Stephanie by blueboy
some gorgeous accident took place in pinkneys green a blur of colour and a noise like was perfume snowdrops on the grass as i dreamed away you didn’t say much as the days began to fly i was in love with you so saw the bluest sky no clouds black or white to spoil my view stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy alone i will care alone i will care i’ve seen the sugar on the lips of passers-by it’s time to leave but i see you cannot cry snowflakes bathe your eyes as i wave goodbye goodbye stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy alone i will care alone i will care stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy stephanie deafen me with words of sweetest ecstasy alone i will care alone i will care. {click and listen}

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朋友都是好的。Oi Va Voi是英國樂隊,他們的電子音樂結合歐洲各地傳統音樂。朋友說,是猶太音樂。




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聽歌,無法專心做事。《低等動物》大概會是我畢生最愛的歌。性感的人性感的聲線纏綿無須理由的故事。流行音樂就是容易留在人們腦海裡的音樂。我的欲望投射至歌者演釋的角色──不過也要你擁抱。如果有人那麼想要我的擁抱,別說我給予不,只說,我想有人想要得到我的擁抱。把歌連續聽兩遍。毛管顛抖,無法安靜。皮膚微涼。渴望某些曾經有過的觸感,誰人要暗示什麼,來者不拒, 精神散渙於是身體變得非常實在。


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