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  • 假期的課題,Align with high energy
  • 我在放悠長假期。想著那個在肚裡的故事,它關於人生裡最微不足道的事情,同時又關於巨大的生死,關於荒野和城市的交界,肉體和靈魂最高點。想著,我就迷惑了。我在那個交界迷惑了。然後,我一個字都寫不出。我在孤獨的房子裡孤獨一人而且像個被放逐的人,不能再踏足城市。
  • 我以為我需要寧靜。但在最寧靜的時刻,我總是害怕的,面對屋前的樹林、深藍色的樹影和黑色的天。S說,因為你不在高能量處,你沉底了。你需要平衡。
  • 買一雙New Balance運動鞋。原本想買Adidas,準備跑步去。我要一個完整的、平衡的人生。我要讓身心平衡。在店裡逛了一圈,New Balance要比Adidas平宜,結果就買了New Balance。事實上,New Balance 的420運動鞋比Adidas 的同價款式舒適多了。我穿著它在運動場跑道上跑了一圈,忽爾明白,為什麼自己會買一雙New Balance。它突然變成身心靈達成一塊的橋樑。
  • 有時我們郊遊去,有時我們坐在沙發上看電視。我們看《無痛失戀》,仍然為劇作家的聰明才智驚嘆。對白是每對戀人都會說的對白。他說:「我像Joel,你像Clementine。」看罷,我緊握他的手不放,生怕他會消失。
  • 終於下雨了。總是因為太熱而生病,發燒。雨下了,風大,就覺得這樣才算和諧。但我們的天氣似乎也就像我們的城市一樣,越來越極端了。

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You may feel trapped right now by life conditions. By drawing this card, the angels aks you to realize that you are the only jail keeper that ever surfaces in your own life. Whenever you realize that you have the power to be free, freedom follows. Everyhing that you do in your life is by choice, and you are free to choose again. Even prisoners are free to choose their thoughts so that they feel peace and happiness under any conditions.

The next time you begin a sentence with the words, “I have to ______," please stop. Ask God and the angels to show you some alternatives. They will either help you complete the task from a loving mind-set so that you don’t feel trapped, or they will guide you to do something else that you will love.

— Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards, Doreen Virtue, PH.D

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