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摘自Susan Miller寫的。 http://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/monthly/sagittarius_full.php

  1. In the coming year you will learn to communicate in a new way, through new forms and mediums. If you always hoped to get a job as a contributing editor for a magazine, newspaper, or important Internet site, you may get your wish. If you are already a veteran writer, you may negotiate a big contract with an impressive advance or be asked to host a radio or TV show.  (嘩!我好想。)
  2. If you are an editor (是,我是。), you may work on bigger projects – some quite high profile – and in so doing, enjoy the concepts and ideas that swirl around you. Ideas always energize you, but now more than ever. You may be asked to join a speaker’s bureau and begin to lecture around the country. (嘩嘩嘩!但我唔想做喎。)
  3. On Monday, January 26, a solar eclipse will arrive, and being a new moon, will open you up to enormous opportunities. The areas for gain include writing, journalism, editing, research, computer code writing, documentary work, lecturing, teaching, public relations, publicity, marketing, and sales. The media is your area here, so publishing glitters.  (好似過年喎…)
  4. Romantically, if you are single, your best prospects will come up when traveling a short distance, whether at your destination or on a train or plane. (冇諗住出差!)
  5. Alternatively, with lots of good energy also centering on your home, you may want to give a party there on Thursday, January 22. You will not only have Mars in perfect angle to Uranus (surprises galore), but Venus will conjoin Uranus too (kisses everywhere). It’s a wow of a day. If giving a small get-together on a Thursday is hard to do, and you aren’t going away over January 24, you could give your party at home on January 24 then when Jupiter will be with the Sun, and Venus will signal Mars. That day rates four stars, too. (過年喎,開party?)
  6. If you are single, know that the new moon at the end of March will bring greater opportunities for you than the ones you receive now. Keep smiling – your days are getting better and better. (重點?)

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