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或者Cynthia Heimel有時的確太過mean,不過,她五年前版的Advanced Sex Tips For Girls,如今陪著我坐船上班,竟能令人非常開心和Positive。她竟然,令我覺得被真正關懷起來。


Many of us wear our men as proudly as Girl Scout badges…My husband…my boyfriend…my sweetie, my beloved, my dude. It reminds me of men comparing their cars, or girlfriends. And it’s enough to make you feel really uneasy when you’re alone. (可能我以前都曾經這樣對待女友,如今我的女友們有時都會不自覺這樣對待我。)


There is no shame in being lonely! We are allowed to want a mate! A mate is a good thing if he or she is not plagued with pesky borderline personality disorder! (怪叫!就是這樣嘛,為什麼我明明知道,但有時又會忘記?)

我很喜歡她說人人都想get laid:

guys have spent too many years wondering if women liked them, if women wanted to sleep with thtm, worring that maybe they would never, ever get to touch it again (好好笑,我想知D男人係咪真係只係worry呢樣野)…once a women find a man she really wants to fuck, she wants to keep him around. (OK, 我承認)…This is the hard part that makes us buy “self-help" books by the stunningly moronic and evil Dr. Laura. (我為此買了Robert Greene的The Art of Seduction…以為可以keep住D男人。不過,很多self-help books其實都很negative。我後來想,Keep him around咁又點,我個ultimate goal係要開心和fun,那些seduce人的技倆一點都不fun。)

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